Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Miles being wild as usual
Tug chillin' at Graham's blessing gathering
Graham keeping me company as the movers pack up the bedroom

Our life has been all about changes, especially the last two months. With me quitting my job, giving birth and welcoming our little Graham into our family, putting our house on the market, selling our house (and all the chaos that comes with the ups and downs of the market right now), packing boxes, setting up living arrangements in New Mexico, changing our already set-up living arrangement in New Mexico at the last minute, blessing Graham, throwing goodbye/blessing gatherings, saying goodbye to our ward, family & friends, staying up countless hours in the evenings with Graham it all comes to this point today... TIM IS FINALLY DONE WITH SCHOOL! He defended his dissertation this morning and it was accepted with few to little changes. I now have to refer to him as Dr. Fuller. There is no turning back-- we are well on our way to New Mexico!


Mike and Mackenzie Day said...

woohoo! Congrats you two (well 4 I guess) - this move will be such an adventure. We love you and miss you tons!

Teisha said...

Yay! I can't believe it but then I remember it's been 8 years...finally! Congrats Tim or rather Dr. Fuller! Too weird I think I will stick to Dr. Doo Doo.

Dan and Laura said...

Hooray for TIM!! NM is lucky to have you guys! I really want to kiss those Graham cheeks off!

Salt H2O said...

Excited for your adventure- you know New Mexico IS right next to Texas- we should meet up in Colordo to go skiing.

I know how busy and hectic and crazy moving is, I can't imagine it wtih a newborn! Good LUCK!