Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Santa Fe & Friends

Because Tim gets every other Friday off we decided to book it on up to Santa Fe for a weekend getaway. It was rather spontaneous and after multiple phone calls I was finally able to arrange a hotel room for us and just as we were pulling into town. It was a "special" weekend the concierge told us. The Wine and Chile Fiesta was going on and most hotels were booked out. What he failed to mention was that the Wine and Chile Fiesta attracted the geriatric crowd. As you can imagine we and our huge stroller and cute kiddies were a huge hit everywhere we went. The old people couldn't get enough of our two little ones.

Besides the fact that we didn't fit in we still managed to soak up the history of this small town. We of course had to visit the Loretta Chapel and the mysterious staircase. Apparently the original architect died shortly after the chapel was completed, but before the staircase was built to the loft area. According to the historical plaques some strange man walked into the chapel one day and said he would build them a staircase, but needed utter silence and privacy. He locked himself in the room for 3 months and when he was done he left. His identity is not known. What is so mysterious about this stair case is that it has no supports running up the middle, no screws, the wood is from some unknown region (no where near Santa Fe) and the staircase has 33 steps from bottom to top (the same number as Jesus was when he died). Truly amazing architecture.

Hanging out back at the hotel-- getting ready to go swimming. As you can see Graham has multiples scratches to the left side of his face. You guessed it-- they're from Miles. He tends to reach over in the stroller and gouge at his face to steal his binky from him. I feel like a referee more than a mom on most days. :)
I just wanted to point out what the hotel called a crib. I would be more inclined to call them a set prop from the movie, "The Shining". Seriously, they were ancient, rackity and most likely full of lead paint. More importantly, they didn't contain our little 20 month old monkey. After a two hour giggle-fest he finally settled down and went to sleep in Tim's arms. Uggh! Next time we're bringing our own pack-and-play. Live and learn.
Onto a better note, Miles has found a really good friend here in ABQ. We just had them over today to play while the mommies made freezer jam and homemade marinara sauce. It's so nice to have some friends here with the same age of children.

Not to mention that they play so well together. So fun to watch them interact.


Jeri said...

When we went to Hawaii when Allie was 10 months old that is the same crib the condo gave us. At the time we didn't think anything of it and she slept fine! Looking back, it was a bit strange.

Dan and Laura said...

That's a cool story about the staircase! I'm surprised Miles plays that well with other kids. McKenna is still having a hard time sharing and not hitting. Maybe the baby brother will help... someday! :)

bmarie said...

Were there cribs in "The Shining?"

mary said...

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Meg said...

how fun!!!! I love that you guys have a little friend for miles pants now! I miss you guys soooo much :) WIsh I could come down with mom next week. Just don't have the time off.... love you none the less. I am sending you a card in the mail to your new apt #. I will wait till the weekend to send it though cause mom said that you were moving this weekend.