Monday, September 13, 2010

Timeouts = Sad Boy

Okay so I know this picture is really sad, but it's about time Miles realizes that timeout is not a desirable place. Up until the last couple of weeks he's put himself into timeout without any fight, but today he was not so happy. On a side note-- I think it may be time to start thinking about a haircut. Yesterday at church he was called a little girl 4 times despite his pants and button-up shirt. And speaking of church, the gospel is strong here in Albuquerque. With 77 children in primary alone and another 28 in nursery I don't think we'll ever have an issue finding a playmate down here.

And on a church related side note-- just when you think church is a place of refuge from your husbands work, you realize 2/3 of the members also work at Sandia and they want to ask your husband all sorts of work related questions. No joke, 2-3 people came up to him yesterday and had questions related to their own job and were inquiring Tim's help in understanding it.


Dan and Laura said...

Cutting his hair won't be easy... Be sure to save some. :)

Teisha said...

Nooooo!!! Don't do it! Don't even think about it! Otherwise I may have the same sad face as poor Miles! No wonder he is so sad! Bad, Bad, Kirsten!

Brooke Nelson said...

that is blake all the way! but he screams at the same time. So much fun. and it makes you feel like such a great mommy. be strong!

ps: his hair is darling.

Anonymous said...

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