Monday, September 20, 2010

Life is good.

Parks & New Friends!
I've only discovered a few parks here, but the ones we've been to have been fairly descent. There is an awesome park within a 2 minute walk for our apt. Miles has made some friends in our ward and thus we've had some park play-dates with them. Speaking of our ward-- it's AWESOME! I was a little uncertain our first Sunday here, because there is a whole slew of children, but I think it's good. I was a bit concerned at first because I didn't want Miles to be a number and get lost amongst all of the other children, but we've got some great nursery leaders and this past Sunday was Miles first week in the nursery all by himself. I think it helped to have his new buddy there to keep him company.

Picky Eater!
Don't let this picture fool you-- he really hates food! I would say his diet still consists of Campbell Soup Noodle O's and applesauce. Occasionally he will eat a cookie, but only sometimes. Crazy kid.
He LOVES to eat his Noodle O's off of his chubby little fingers. It takes forever to eat this way, but hey I'll take it. At least he's getting some kind of food in his belly. Sometimes dinner takes upwards of 45 minutes because he HAS to feed himself ONE-NOODLE-AT-A-TIME!
Our first Saturday in ABQ we decided to check out the zoo. Let me say this, it is WAY cooler than Hogle Zoo. Even if you do have to drive through the ghetto to get to it. We've been to a few zoos and this was the first time Miles really got it (I think). He took an interest in the animals and chose to roar at all of them. Apparently all animals roar in Miles mind.

This was Graham's first time to the Zoo and he could have cared less. As long as he has a clean diaper, and mommy to nurse he's happy anywhere. Because we liked the zoo so much we decided to purchase an annual pass. The pass is also good for the ABQ Botanical Gardens and Aquarium so we will definitely be using it a lot. We can't wait to go back and feed the fish in the koi pond.
Just Monkeying Around
Miles thinks it's just about the funniest thing to take all of the cooking equipment out of the drawers. Because we are living in this corporate furnished apartment temporarily we can't really baby proof the drawers and I'm REALLY look forward to doing so once we're settled into our somewhat permanent place.
Nothing like dipping in the pool on a hot day. This past Saturday we took Graham swimming for the first time. I thought he was going to scream and hate every minute of it. I was wrong. Not one squeak came out of him. I think he enjoyed it just as much as the rest of us.
Miles has no fear of the water. He has no fear of anything. We've taken him swimming a handful of times back in Utah at the rec. center, but this time around he was jumping off of the side of the pool by himself (Tim was standing in the water right there next to him). We definitely need to get him into swimming classes.
I just wanted to point out that we DO have grass here. Almost our entire apartment complex has grass. We love it! However, I'm not loving living out of boxes, using dull knives and light-weight pans to cook (am I a snob or what?). We are looking forward to moving into our 3 bedroom- 2 car garage apartment mid-October. It can't come soon enough. Overall, all is well and Tim is ABSOLUTELY LOVING HIS JOB! What else could we ask for?


Dan and Laura said...

What a great update! You're keeping busy and everyone looks happy! :)

Sabrina said...

Maybe you should try penne pasta. Logan loves those because he can also stick his fingers in them. Just thinking it might save time eating since penne is bigger than the O's.

Glad the zoo is fun. That's not saying much by saying it's better than Hogle Zoo because I think that place is horrible.

Brooke Nelson said...

So glad you are happy there! It looks gorgeous! Miss you here though. LOL

Teisha said...

Picky eater?? Hmmm that sounds familiar. Wonder where he gets that? He he!

Thanks for the update! So glad to see your finding your groove in your new home!

bmarie said...

Well, all that fussin' for nothing, huh? Glad things are turning out so well for your little fami-lami-ding- dong. Miss ya.

Sara T. said...

I'm so jealous about the Zoo! and the Aquarium! I might have to check it out next time I visit family.

Anonymous said...

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